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Hi!  I'm Shirley

I am an Online Personal Trainer, Posture & Pain Management Specialist certified by The Egoscue Institute. I am a former Lebanese Cycling Champion and participated in The Arab Games. Throughout my life, I have been participating in all the different sports/physical activity that I have come across.

Being an athlete, I took it for granted to experience injuries and accepted living in a compromised state. I believe that this is no longer true, after coming across the Posture Alignment Therapy. I do not accept a compromise to living pain-free. Through Posture Alignment Therapy I am keeping my body pain-free.

I am now here to assist and guide you to restore your body’s original function, create balance, mobility and stability as well as acquire a pain-free body. We were born to move and we are going to keep moving. . . .if we stop moving the body will forget how to!

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My Mission

With an extensive passion and drive for physical balance I continuously strive to develop my knowledge. My wide knowledge of anatomy and bio mechanical understanding put me on an on-going mission helping individuals to solve the mystery behind their chronic pain. I guide my clients to acquire more physical and mental strength resulting in a pain free aligned and functional body.

My Approach

This is a hands-off approach. With Posture Therapy I help people of all ages learn what causes their pain and injuries and how correcting their posture alignment gives them better mobility and function allowing them to live a pain-free and active life. I do not treat the symptoms but rather help people fix the underlying cause of their pains and limitations. I help people restore their function create balance and return to a pain free and active life. Bones do what muscles tell them to do and with Posture Alignment Therapy I work with the position to treat the condition.


I'm always here to help you live a pain-free life.

Let's connect.

Montreal Qc, Canada

+1 (514) 442-6712

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