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Posture & Core Relationship!

The relationship between your core and posture is interconnected and significant. When both are in a healthy and strong state, it contributes to a positive well-being. However, any slight imbalance in either can disrupt the other, potentially leading to discomfort, injuries, and health issues.

The reason for this is that your core muscles, both inner and outer, play a role in supporting your body in various postures, including both beneficial and less ideal ones. For instance, prolonged sitting can cause tightness and constriction in the muscles at the front of your body (such as shoulders, neck, chest, and hips) as your body folds forward, while the muscles at the back (back, glutes, etc.) can weaken.

In this scenario, your core muscles can reinforce these imbalances, further exacerbating the issue. Imagine performing crunches or sit-ups with a body that already has a forward-flexed posture. By strengthening the outer core in that posture, it can worsen the situation, leading to discomfort. The same principle applies to other posture-related problems as well.

That's why it's crucial to prioritize the restoration of your core by rebuilding it from within, without reinforcing poor posture.


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