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Who is 'Align Your Posture' For?

If you have any of the listed pain, aligning your posture can get you out of it!

· Low back, mid back and upper back pain

· Shoulder, elbow and wrist pain

· Neck pain

· Jaw pain

· Herniated discs

· Sciatic nerve impingement

· Stenosis

· Knee pain

· Hip pain

· Achilles tendinitis

· Ankle pain

· Plantar Fasciitis

· Fallen Arches (Flat Feet)

· Muscle strain and pain

· Headaches and Migraines

· Degenerative discs

Your pain is not listed? . . . ask me about it!

Working with Seniors

Pain is not a sign of old age, it is the accumulation of musculoskeletal dysfunctions causing the body to get misaligned and talking to us through pain. Corrective exercises are used and modified if needed to make them easy to execute and Effie client to the individual case. I address balance and chronic pain to help seniors retain muscles mass regain/acquire better balance and maintain an active lifestyle in a pain-free mobile versatile body.

Working with Athletes

It is taken for granted that being an athlete means we are doomed to live with injury not to mention accumulation of injuries. As a Posture Alignment Specialist, I tell you that athletes are not more injury prone because they train harder, it is because their physical strength hides the compensation which breaks out through injury. By following a customized corrective exercise routines they are able to acquire an aligned posture with the right muscle balance to function in an injury-free body for a better enhanced performance and a faster post-training/game recovery.

Working with Children

The sedentary lifestyle that we are living is reflected mostly on the health of the young where more and more postural dysfunction are showing up. To name a few most common are Scoliosis, Migraines, Back pain and many more to be able to list them here. The corrective and functional exercises I use help children of all ages align their posture. While children are going through the process of aligning or taking care of their posture, it not only helps them out of dysfunction if they have one, but it also builds the awareness to keep a functional body towards their years ahead.

Working with Behind-The-Desk Job

The shift of many jobs to being virtual has increased behind-the-desk jobs and also causing increase in symptoms caused from sitting. To name a few would be Neck pain, Back pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Migraines, TMJ (jaw pain) and many more to list here. Through simple and easy to execute exercises I guide and educate people to better manage and eliminate the symptoms. Aligning your posture helps you avoid all the dysfunctions that come with the behind-the-desk job now and in the future.

Working with Pregnant Women

Being pregnant is a special phase that the women physique goes through. The development of the different hormones during and after pregnancy can put their bodies at risk of injury. My certification for Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness has helped me in my two pregnancies as well as many other women understand, take care and stay in control of our physique. It is vital for a pregnant woman to maintain a healthy and aligned body despite the different physical and hormonal changes that her body goes through during and after pregnancy.

Pain vs Pain-Free

We are all prone to get misaligned. However, as no one body is the same, some are more vulnerable and experience pain while other might be more out of balance and don’t have any. Pain means that the body trying to tell us something is wrong. As a Posture Alignment Specialist, when I spot a misaligned posture, I know that pain/injury is waiting around the corner. In my practice, I guide individuals understand the root cause of their pain/misalignment, instruct them through simple corrective exercises to become better aligned and to avoid it from reoccurring/occurring in the future. It is our birth right to live pain-free.


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