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What Is Posture Alignment?

(Imagine having the perfect upright posture and a pain free body!)

An aligned posture is not about standing straight or sitting extended in a chair. It is about the ability of the body to hold its functional alignment and have full mobility in all the eight loading joints (shoulders, hips, knees and ankles). A misaligned posture is the hub for pain at any age.

Reasons for becoming misaligned or out of balance can be caused by examples like an old injury, hours of sitting or by a postural dysfunction such as scoliosis.

When pain starts to invade our body we involuntarily start compensating which results in the body adapting to new patterns of movement. All this builds up into a cycle of imbalances and musculoskeletal dysfunction making us aware of its existence through pain most often building up to chronic pain….the body has become misaligned.

We are all victims of pain/chronic pain. When it gets to us, we try to seek any therapy that we know or become aware of hoping to get out of the misery we are in. However, most therapies that we come across focus on our symptoms. As a Posture Alignment Specialist, I focus on the root cause of the pain as the sight of the pain is hardly ever the cause of the pain!

Posture alignment is based on several simple beliefs; pain is a signal from the body, the body is a unit, the body can heal itself, all humans share the same design - our postural blueprint.

Sessions are tailor made to the needs of the individual, by following a series of personalized corrective exercises where the client gets the opportunity to put the body back into a balanced state by eliminating dysfunction and allowing the body to heal itself naturally.

Personal responsibility is key to become pain free, good posture creates peace of mind, and it is our birthright to live a pain free and active life.


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