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Shirley Khouri

World Class Athlete - Personal Trainer, Posture & Pain Management Specialist - Online Training, Evaluation, Exercise & Wellness Plans

Posture Alignment Eliminates Pain

Improve your posture and live pain-free with our tailored virtual sessions!

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Personal Trainer, Posture & Pain Management Specialist - Online Training, Evaluation, Exercise & Wellness Plans

“Being active and maintaining a healthy body is not just about adding years to your life, it is about adding life to your years!”


Founder of Align Your Posture, Shirley is passionate about restoring the body's function, improving balance and living pain-free. She has over three decades of experience in fitness and the human body...

Book your free consultation session

This is a 50 minutes virtual session over Zoom where you receive a personalized evaluation tailored to your specific physical condition. I will guide you through a sample session of posture alignment and of course give you answers to all your questions.

Our Specialized Options

Therapy Sessions
- Virtual -

Online Interactive

Corporate Training Workshops
Interactive Workshops
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Achieve optimal posture with personalized one-on-one sessions. Restore alignment, improve mobility and alleviate pain.

These sessions are sure to educate you and arm you with enough knowledge on how to better stay aligned and pain-free.

Experience the transformative benefits of customized posture alignment exercises for an enhanced well-being.

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Discover the power of perfect posture through our online webinars! Join our expert-led sessions for valuable insights, practical techniques and personalized guidance. Achieve optimal alignment, prevent discomfort and boost your well-being. Sign up now and unlock the transformative benefits of posture alignment!


Transform your corporate workforce through our comprehensive training on posture alignment. Our specialized corporate training programs provide in-depth knowledge and practical strategies to improve posture, enhance well-being and boost productivity. Empower your team with the skills to maintain optimal alignment, prevent discomfort and radiate confidence in their professional endeavors. Elevate your organization's success by investing in the health and posture alignment of your employees.

Susan M.

I have worked with Shirley for two years and I have seen a noticeable improvement in my range of motion and mobility.  She motivates and encourages me while pushing me to go beyond what I think I am capable of.  I look forward to my sessions with her.

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